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Third-party Applications


App Royale contains tools to control and facilitate your game in Clash Royale.


  • Deck organizer: with it you can save and quickly restore all your decks to never lose them and not depend on the limit of 5 that the game has.

  • Profile data: with it you can manage multiple accounts and see your profile data, included your next chests and number of chest to get every special chest.

  • Play Store:

  • Author: Ydrojen

    • Github:

BarrePolice Telegram Bot

A powerful Telegram bot with access to ClashRoyale stats with the /cr command. You can access to player information, clan information or clan search. Just start it and get fun!

  • Invite:
  • Repo:
  • Language: Lua
  • Author: Diego Barreiro
    • Telegram:
    • Github:

Clash Royale Charts

A site to track clan participation each week to determine who should be kicked and promoted. Clan chest crowns and card donations are tracked each week and can be viewed with filterable charts. Still a work in progress, but is stable.

  • Website:
  • Author: adhdavis
    • Github:


Clash Royale selfbot dedicated to getting your CR stats

  • Repo:
  • Author: kwugfigher
    • Github:


Tracking of clan and alliance stats. Listings of top Australian clans (to be expanded) for clan chest crowns. History of player stats and card upgrade information.

Crown Stats (Bot)

A Clash Royale Statistics bot for Facebook Messenger Platform.

Deck Bandit

Deck Bandit is a unique tool to find the best & highest ranked Clash Royale ladder decks based on card levels. A user can quickly identify winning decks of real players with up-to-date trophy counts that exactly fit his or her card levels. By picking the right deck from Deck Bandit, a user could climb 500 trophies or more without upgrading cards.

Deck Bandit also lists the top players & decks for a predefined list of card levels. The data is gathered daily and provides great insight into the different "metas" in trophy ranges from 3000 to the elite players at 6000 trophies and above.


A French Discord bot with many features (e.g. moderation, utilities) as well as Clash Royale and Clash of Clans commands.


A multipurpose bot with music, fun, moderation, and many more things, and especially Clash Royale commands.

Orion eSports Ranking website

An app and website that shows the trophies ranking for the clan family, and the interim season prizes.

Road21 clan website

Keeps track of member stats, especially member activity (last battle time, last donate time) in Hungarian.

  • Website: Author has specifically asked us to not post the link on the public web but it is available on our Discord server.
  • Author: Taky


Clan info logging.

Sad Stats Royale

A quick website to calculate the amount of gold, gems, money it will cost you to perform all the upgrades you can, based on the amount of cards you have. It will also tell you the max level you can reach for each card you have.

For example, if you have a level 10 knight, with 3500 spare cards, it will tell you that you can upgrade it to a level 12 knight, and that it will cost you 70k gold, and you'll need 4500 to get it to the next level (13).

Team CMC website

Website for Team CMC, a Singapore-based clan family. Utilizes RoyaleAPI for clan management, tracking members' movement and clan recruitment.

The Brews clan website

This website is a homepage for "the brews" clan. This is a very basic example of RoyaleAPI usage in a basic clan website that is mobile friendly.

Top Ricarditos Clan Website

This web page was created in order to show the clan roster "Top Ricarditos", inspired by your web site (clan view) structure but in Spanish language.

Track Royale

Track Royale provide tools to help you get more fun while playing Clash Royale. You will get all of these feature:

★ See your upcoming chest

★ See the queue of special chest including legendary chest

★ Clan member score, so you can easily find an active or inactive member

★ Look at your battle and account statistic

Ultimate Clash Royale Tracker

Android chest tracker

Clash Royale Dicas Stats

Profile statistics tool for the Brazilian Clash Royale community

Clash Royale Chest Tracker

Simple way to keep tracking of the next chests.

CR Tracker for Chests

A simple app to help you know about your upcoming and special chests


Features of this website for the clan "Chapsters", Includes:

Graphs of users combined stats, Clickable user names to see stats of specific user, Utilities for members of the clan, Leader board on the front page.

[All Stats are updated every 5 minutes and are stored in a database so if the API isn't working the latest data will be shown.]

Graphs example:

If you're not in the Chapsters clan, consider checking it out or check back in a while to see if we've changed the way the website works.

Stu's Army! Bot

Stu's Army! Bot is a private bot made for a clan family, it features an always-updating #clan-stats channel and a robust welcome system which recommends clans to players given their player tag.


Clan Activity Statistics

A tiny fiddle that shows 10 best & worst members of a clan based on war wins & war participation in the last 10 wars, and donations in the last 2 weeks. You can use it for suggestions on who to promote or demote.

Clash Royale Clan War Tracker

Track and analyze all of your clan wars! Identify your clan MVPs!

Royale War Stats

Access quick visualizations of your clan and member activity regarding the clan war as well as other battles played. Quickly identify who contributes and who should be kicked.

Clash Royale War Assistant

Check yours and other competitor war clan details, performance of your clan in last 10 wars (total counts for no of wins, cards, etc. for each member helping you decide whom to promote or kick if you're a leader), war battles of your clan (copy a winners deck for yourself), get notified to attack, and lot lot more!

Chest Cycle Tracker

See your Clash Royale stats, next chest, war details and much more!

Find out who the most valuable members of your clan are using simple indicators.
Find open joinable Tournaments using royaleapi real-time data.

Royale Verify

A bot that verifies users based on their Clash Royale account

CR Tournament Finder

This project queries RoyaleAPI and when a new tournament is found, sends a POST request to subscribed URLs.

Developers can pick from a range of filters (explained in the README) to get the best results.

Spell Comparator Clash Royale

Spell Comparator for Clash Royale is the ideal application to know the combination of the damage that your spells can do according to the level of your cards on the other units!

Clash Royale Helper

Clash Royale Helper is an application with the purpose to help users of Clash Royale management their accounts. With Clash Royale Helper, you can:

  1. Create decks as many as you want.
  2. See your deck list when you want.
  3. Export your decks whenever you want to the game Clash Royale. So the slot decks in game will never be an problem now. You can save decks for all events and game plays that you want and export them when necessary.
  4. Import decks from Clash Royale game to the Clash Royale App.
  5. You can copy one deck from the "Deck List" to "Deck Builder" in order to create a similar deck fastest and very simpler.
  6. Delete decks.

Feel free to customize more than one deck for each special event too!

Sakura Stats

Sakura Stats is an app that focuses on gathering, processing and displaying player statistics of a clan and it can help determine which players are performing good in wars, which still have low level cards and which of them are inactive.

The main feature the app offers is war data collection. As you know, almost every app or site out there offers a history of 10 wars per clan. In contrary this app stores every war’s result it encounters in a local database, thus you can have player statistics for more than 10 wars (starting from the day the app was installed). In addition to that and based on those statistics the app can predict the end result of each current war. The more wars are collected and stored, the more accurate the prediction it becomes!

playedwith allows you to type in your Clash Royale ID, and see if you have ever played against a streamer. If you have it will show you the video your game on twitch if it is available.

Crous Royale

Crous royale is a website that allows you to compare your stats with up to 3 other players!


A bot that makes clan management simple by outputting clean reports with customisable scoring system. Check out the documentation (link below) for further information and usage

Our apps

Author: Selfish

Player Tracker Google Sheet

Card count and upgrade spreadsheet. See reddit post for usage instructions.

Author: SML

Web application implementing all the API endpoints.


Clash Royale profile cog for the Red Discord Bot.


Clash Royale clan cog for the Red Discord Bot.

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