Clan History

This endpoint returns a time series of member stats. Clan stats are updated every 4 hours using UTC timezone. Currently it is enabled for a selected set of clans which meet our internal criteria.

How to be included

To enable stats for your clan, add our URL or in your clan description and make a request to the /clan/:tag/track endpoint and we will start tracking it once we have detected it. You can verify that it has started if you visit the clan tracking. You may also visit the web site. If clan tracking is enabled, you should see the default message be replaced by the chart view with empty graphs.

HTTP Request


/clan/:tag/historyGETClan history.

URL Parameters

TAGThe clan tag of the clan to retrieve

Query String Parameters

NameData TypeRequired / OptionalDescription
daysnumberOptional, default to 7This takes today's data + specified days


Included in tracking

Full JSON Response

    "2018-01-01-20-00": {
        "donations": 4070,
        "memberCount": 50,
        "members": [
                "clanRank": 1,
                "crowns": 0,
                "donations": 58,
                "name": "Min",
                "tag": "L88P2282",
                "trophies": 4610
                "clanRank": 2,
                "crowns": 0,
                "donations": 76,
                "name": "matiz",
                "tag": "G0JVYY0",
                "trophies": 4443
    "2018-01-02-00-00": {


Not included in the tracking

Below is the full JSON Response with a 417 Expectation Failed error

    "error": true,
    "statusCode": 417,
    "statusText": "cannot fetch clan data: cannot fetch clan data: clan not tracked",
    "info": "Additional information and support:"
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